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Senior Exit Project Topic

For my Senior Exit Project I plan to research the differences between male and female psychology, sexuality in particular. Being in AP Psychology has sparked my interest in the subject and opened my eyes into more controversial topics. I knew that I didn’t want to do research over something that I would get bored with easily, so instead I went with my gut feeling about what I find interesting, even if it may seem “inappropriate” for a school environment. I figure that in the end I will be giving my presentation to a group of adults who won’t feel the need to chuckle if I have to use words such as genitals or sex. I have already learned a little bit about my topic from a project I had to do in advanced health last year when I was assigned┬áto research the differences in the ways men think versus┬áthe way women think. The project didn’t seem like a hassle to do because I was so interested. I’m hoping that if I use a similar topic I will find the same results. It also surprisingly made it easier for me to present without nerves because I was excited to share everything that I had found. I’m planning to get a little information from Mrs. Clark on where to begin research. There is a lot of work ahead of me, but I’m excited to attempt to tackle it.


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